A Candle Craft for Beltane

Beltane, Beltane, Flowers Bloom
Chase away the Winter’s Gloom
Weave Bright Fabric on the Loom
Stir the Cauldron ~ Banish Doom

Sacred Hawthorn used this Night
Feed the Fires ~ Start the Rite
Open up the Veil so Thin
Reap the Wisdom from Within



I did this craft last year for Beltane and just wanted to share it because it is simple and quite pretty when complete.


Beltane Candle Craft


Novena Candle

Vintage Maypole image

Trim stickers

Small paper flowers or other decorations

Ribbons in several colors (I used ¼ and 1/8 inch)

Dried flowers (I used poppies and violet rose petals from my garden)

Glitter (optional)

Mod Podge

Paint brush


  1. Mod Podge your image to the candle. Do this by brushing Mod Podge on the back of the image and then positioning it on the candle.  Smooth out any air bubbles.  When dry, brush more Mod Podge over the image.  This will give it a nice finish.  I used satin Mod Podge. The image I used for this project is from Etsy and can be found here.
  1. Use border trim stickers to decorate the top and bottom of the candle.


  1. Use Mod Podge or a glue like E6000 to glue paper flowers to the top of the candle or anywhere else you would like.


  1. Tie a group of ribbons around the top. Let them fall down the side like a Maypole.


  1. Decorate the wax around the wick with dried flowers of the season and glitter (optional). I like to light the candle and let the wax melt, then blow out the flame and while the wax is cooling, add the dried flowers.Maker:L,Date:2017-8-19,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-Y


  1. Place on your Beltane altar and enjoy.


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