Paper Magic


What gentle art to confine

By plane of paper, folded line

What magic here to capture me

In infinite variety…

                                To Origami by John Smith

To write something down gives it power.  To write something down with intention and fold it into an object, decorate it with intricate patterns and designs and breathe life into it is a greater power indeed.  Many times we are caught up with the fabulous tools of the craft…and why not?  There are wonderful, magical items in our collections. Every now and then why not try a simple tool, like paper?  You may find it isn’t so simple after all…

Try a rune or two intertwined. Decorate them and weave your own energy into your work.  Put them someplace quaint.  In a purse or compartment where they can work their magic. 

A paper folding project may be nice.  With small pockets to hide an herb or flower.  A spell hiding inside waiting to come to fruition. Perfect for a pocket or hidden in a fold of cloth.

Why not create a small alter that could fit inside an envelope?  Earth, air, fire, and water are there in tiny folded forms.

Turn a plain box into art by using colored pencils or other media to sketch sigils or runes.  This could hold anything you can dream of.

How about an artist trading card with a spell concealed inside.  Or maybe a devotional, invocation, or magical recipe hidden between two pretty papers and decorated with intent.  Here is one for the ocean and one of my favorite marine mammals, the dolphin. 

These are some simple ways that I have used paper in magic recently. Remember, putting energy into a project like this is only part of the real magic.  Make sure you charge it with intent to manifest your dreams. 


Art Trading Card

Bamboo note fold





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