Resurrection of the Meadow

“Faery is a world of illusions,

of inconstant shapes.

But then, the same may be said about the world of mortal men.”

Robin Artisson The Resurrection of the Meadow

When I received this book, I thought it was very short indeed and a bit small.  I soon realized that it was small like a precious gem is small, a tiny jewel of a book with beauty all its own.  If you are lucky enough to have a wild place or meadow near your home, you have a very special place where the magic in this book can smolder and grow over time in a strange and wonderful way. Robin Artisson has crafted a delightful book of thirteen rituals that are based in the faery faith of ages past and told in an arcane language that seems very fitting for a book of this sort.  In addition, the illustrations by Lee Morgan are hauntingly enchanting and very fitting for a more traditional path.

This book is described by the author as thirteen occult formulas and charms of art.  It is definitely a book with charm as it reveals these rituals that interact with the unseen world of the fae.  Artisson has created a wondrous grimoire of this forgotten faith complete with instructions of how to perform the ritual and a purport, or significance for doing the ritual.  Artisson claims that traditional witchcraft is by and large a path that seeks hidden realities.  By accessing these realities, a witch can come back to the mundane world with powers that were encountered on the “other side.”

Some of the strange and wondrous rituals in this book are, The Petition of the Verbena Weird, a praise to the spirit of the Vervain  herb upon the taking of a potion of the plant, and A Charm That Shall Protect the Meadow, a honey spell that can protect an important outdoor space.  Other rituals in this book are, A Feery Feast, a rite from which all other meals shared with the unseen world are derived, and the Feast for the Convocation of the Meadow, where a sacred cairn is constructed to create a space to interact with the Powers of the Land.  It also contains some powerful crossing charms and the creation of The White Mommet, which gives detailed instructions for creating a poppet for performing sympathetic magic be it good or ill.

Honestly, I loved this book and look forward to buying the hard cover version, as well as, performing some of the rituals. The author’s enthusiasm for the topic is obvious throughout which adds to its appeal…enjoy!





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